Popular Casino Hotels

Las Vegas is the place to be when it comes finding exciting casino hotels for you to enjoy. The Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding areas have luxurious accommodations, large casinos, first class restaurants and wide range of services such as spas, salons, pools, theaters and shops. Several casino hotels are available along the Las Vegas chain of hotel attractions. Whether you want to have a relaxing stay or play professional poker all night long on the casino tables, your stay in these casino hotels would definitely be one of the most memorable events in your life.

The largest of the Las Vegas casinos is the MGM Grand. This gambler haven is the most common venue of major events. Moving along to the next casino hotel, the Venetian Hotel has the world's largest suites and the grandest casino on the strip. It also houses some of the finest shops and fitness centers. You may also want to try out riding a gondola along the Grand Canal. Another notable feature of the vicinity is the Wynn Hotel, which is considered as the most expensive hotel project in the area. This sophisticated casino hotel has wonderful set of amenities such as designer boutiques, a theater, relaxing spa, poolside casino and a golf course. It also has its own Ferrari car dealership center as well as renowned chefs on its fine dining restaurants.

Bellagio is an adult-oriented casino hotel that features a full service spa, plush casino and a grand poker room. The next in line in the prestige of the Las Vegas casino hotels is the Treasure Island. This hotel features other non-standard games including Paj Gow Tiles, Paj Gow Poker, Big Six and Three-Card Poker. Another great part of the Las Vegas hotel chains is Mandalay Resort. This large casino resort is subdivided into several parts such as the main hotel, the Four Seasons hotel and the suites domain. Mandalay Resort boasts its stylish and casual casinos.

The Coral Reef Lounge is one of the most renowned and largest areas in the location. Planet Hollywood, or formerly known as Aladdin, has several exciting features such as the Upscale London Club Casino, rooftop pools, a large theater and a wide variety of shopping outlets. Paris Hotel is also a tourist attraction with its simulation of the Eiffel Tower. In addition, the place was decorated with French details as well as a sky-painted ceiling that totally creates the French look of the area. You may find the Le Cabaret music lounge within its casino.

The Excalibur Hotel is also a great place for value vacation. It has a friendly atmosphere and low bets that would definitely appeal to the casino goers. The hotel even has a separate floor exclusively for the entertainment of their young guests. Another great casino hotel along the Las Vegas strip is the Luxor Hotel. This unusual casino is popular worldwide for its Egyptian motif. The hotel is shaped like a pyramid and its large casino is wide enough for you to get lost in the crowd.

There are other casino hotels within the surrounding area in which you may want to choose or your Las Vegas trip. Make sure you have prepared the necessary accommodations as well as the funding for your visit in order to maximize your stay in this gambler's paradise.